The Athletic Republic Acceleration Training program is a systematic progression of athletic training. The goals are to develop speed, power, quickness, agility, proprioception, and coordination, using science-based protocols.

Test. Train. Teach

We TEST athletes to determine a performance baseline and identify areas for improvement; this data is used to create a personalized training program. At the end of a program, we test to measure gains.

We TEACH athletes the same methods used by many of today's top professional and Olympic athletes to improve sport and position-specific movement skills.

We then TRAIN using the most scientifically proven programs that feature our patented technology, individualized training protocols, and real-time video analysis.

Lead with Speed

When you train with Athletic Republic, you'll learn the skill of sprinting through immediate feedback from a performance coach and visual feedback from the mirror and the Dartfish video feedback system. We improve your running mechanics by improving stride length and frequency, knee drive, hip position, and arm swing. The result is a more fluid, powerful, and efficient running form. In other words, speed.


Power is Not Strength

Science says POWER = FORCE x VELOCITY.  The more force you produce and the faster you do it, the more you separate yourself from other athletes on the playing field. Athletic Republic focuses on optimizing each athlete's ability to produce power. The treadmill, plyometric, and strength protocols are designed to enhance the function of specific neuromuscular pathways while eliciting coordination strategies that result in improved power output. We also measure and address any asymmetry in strength and power output to improve efficiency and reduce the chance of injury.

Dynamic Stability is Key

Agility hinges on your ability to control your center of gravity in all situations, including making quicker cuts and turns, maneuvering in traffic, and separating from your opponent. Dynamic stability means maintaining control of your body while under physical stress, delivering power in all directions and stability under all situations. We focus much of our training on the hip girdle, the area from which much of an athlete's ability to accelerate, decorate, and maintain control originates. The result is not only a better performance, but a greater resistance to injury.

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